About Me

Hi, I'm Brandon.

I’m a full-stack developer specializing in front-end web development. I currently live in Calgary, Alberta and am employed by Critical Mass. I graduated from SAIT Polytechnic with a diploma in object-oriented software development and achieved several awards for exceptional grades. I have a passion for programming, and have been programming since 2006.

What I'm up to

Currently I’m working full-time as a senior front-end developer. On top of this, I’m also contributing to open source projects, volunteering at the Calgary Public Libraries Coder Dojo program, and attending/hosting Meetups related to web and software development.


A showcase of my past, present, and future.
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Preview of how the AR experience works

Nissan: Titan AR

I was tasked to build an interactive augmented reality experience for Nissan USA. Facebook recently announced AR experiences for their Messenger platform, so I was asked to use that as a medium for the experience.

FirstCommand desktop experience


My team and I were tasked to rebuild the FirstCommand website to be more modern. We got a blank slate, so we got to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Example of the recommend a car flow


After a successful launch of our first Idris project for North America, the client asked if we could add more functionality and launch it in the European Union.

Example of the UI

Purrvice Workers

A web application for getting random cat pictures. Powered by service workers. It demonstrates offline caching, web push notifications, and progressive enhancement.

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Apps I've got for that.


A list of skills I've accumulated over the years, click a category to see skills and click a skill to see a little description about my experience.

Front End Web Development
I've had tons of experience with CSS would consider myself an expert. I'm capable of entering an existing code base and making modifications, or starting from scratch. This includes the CSS3 specifications, LESS, and SASS.
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Javascript is my favourite programming language. I'm able to dive into an existing codebase or start from scratch. I'm familiar with ES6 and standard design patterns, and have experience with tons of javascript libraries.
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I Understand HTML and can modifying an existing codebase or starting from scratch. I have experience with accessibility and SEO as well. I'm also experienced with HTML5 and HAML.
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I've had tons of exposure to SVG, including animations. I know how to build icon sprite sheets, animate them, optimize them, and much more.
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I use JSON (Javascript object notation) to pass and synchronize data almost daily. I have experience with JSON being generated and returned from a server, as well as data stored in JSON files (like this portfolio).
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I've built a handful of applications which reply on a MySQL database. I understand everything from the basics to using procedures and inner/outer joins.
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I've built applications which utilize MongoDB and are controlled through NodeJS (MongooseJS)
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I've used GraphQL on multiple projects now. This includes both as a replacement to a REST endpoint as well as using it to build out Gatsby projects.
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Back End Web Development
I have experience with NodeJS, I've built complex web applications and am comfortable writing modules.
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JavaServer / Groovy
I've built a handful of Java based applications, as well as modified/expanded upon the functionality of existing projects.
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I have experience with PHP, I'm cable of building complex web applications. I have experience with tools like CakePHP and other MVC libraries as well.
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Team Tools
I've had tons of experience with Git, both in big projects and small. I have worked under both agile and waterfall environments.
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I'm experienced with Java, and am able to jump into existing code bases or start from scratch. I've built GUI interfaces, back-end algorithms, and used Java EE for server-side distributions.
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